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Introducing Sandwich Isle's FumeGuard Program

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FumeGuard Intrusion Alarm System

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we are continuously working to find ways to make our Hawaii pest control services even better and more effective. When it comes to fumigations there have been reports of break-ins during the process and so we are pleased to introduce our new FumeGuard Program. Not only does this program allow us to ensure that the fumigation is 100% effective but our portable intrusion alarm systems protect property as well.

Our Honolulu fumigation program includes a gas analysis that will ensure the fumigation was 100% effective. This helps homeowners and business owners have the peace of mind that the process was well worth it and that when they enter the building again, they are safe from the threat of pests as well as the gasses used to kill them. We have specialized monitors to detect when the aeration process is complete and all of the gasses (and pests) are gone.

Another great feature of our FumeGuard Program is the motion and heat detecting alarm systems that keep intruders out. The alarm system sends instant wireless signals in the event of an intrusion so that you can feel good knowing that your home is safe from intruders during the fumigation process and that authorities will be notified of potential criminal activity.

Along with a siren that goes off when heat or motion is detected within 35 feet of the unit, there is also a strobe light that activates. The alarm dispatchers and five Sandwich Isle supervisors will be instantly notified so that in the event of any activity, we can act quickly.

So if you have found yourself with a serious infestation of termites, bed bugs, or other pests, contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions to see if fumigation is the right pest control option for you. We provide fumigation and other pest control services to homes and businesses on Oahu including Honolulu, HI. Our team of pest control experts at Sandwich Isle are ready to provide you a safe and effective fumigation process in the event that it is needed.

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