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Is Peacock Control Really Needed?

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peacock in hawaii

Peacocks are deceptively attractive. They are big, beautiful birds, but they might surprise you. If you have peacocks roaming around your home, you might be pleasantly surprised by their beauty but you shouldn’t let them hang around for too long. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has your complete peacock guide to help you understand if peacock control is needed.
Getting To Know The Peacock
Let us introduce you to the peacock before you head outside to meet the visitors yourself. Peacocks are large birds in the pheasant family. They are called peafowl. Peacock is the name for the male. The female is a peahen. Males can have many females in his party, which is called a harem. Females in the harem can lay between three and five eggs each.
Peacock bodies can grow up to 50 inches long and weigh about 10 lbs. Their feather trains of more than 100 feathers can add another two feet to the peacock’s length. Peacocks have large, iridescent feathers that flare out when they are trying to attract a mate. Peacocks are usually blue and green in color. The male peacock is one of the largest flying birds in the world.
Where To Find Peacocks
Peacocks are a highly desired bird. Many people keep them as domestic pets. You must remember, however, that domesticated peacocks do NOT have the same temperament as wild birds. Wild peacocks are testy and territorial.
Blue and green peacocks are native to Sri Lanka, India, Java, and Burma, and in some cases, Africa – respectively. The most common domesticated peacock is the blue peacock. So, you are asking yourself why you have wild peacocks roaming around your yard if they aren’t native to Hawaii. The families of peacocks in Hawaii, Florida, and California are descendants of a once-domesticated stock of peacocks.
Why They Are Attracted To Your Home
Peacocks forage on the ground during the day. They are on the hunt for all the insects that lurk outside your home. If you have a water source, such as a pond, and a robust food source, they will move right in. A peacock will eat worms, bugs, and snails, but they aren’t picky. Peacocks will eat your grass and garden too.
Should I Worry About Peacocks?
As stated before, peacocks don’t get along well with other domesticated birds. They don’t like you, your kids, or your pets either if they feel threatened. A peacock can become aggressive if it feels like it is threatened. Also, they destroy your property, eat your crops and fruit trees, and leave large piles of feces in your yard. Trust us; these aren’t the small droppings you see on your car.
How To Get Rid Of Peacocks
You cannot get rid of peacocks on your own. If you bait them to catch them, you are just going to attract more. Also, they can attack if they feel threatened. The DIY solutions will not work. You need professionals to take care of the peacocks in your yard.
What If I Don’t Want To Kill Them?
Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is not in the business of exterminating peacocks. We like them just as much as you do. We just don’t want them ruining your property. They are wild, and in the wild is where they should stay. Sandwich Isle fowl removal techniques are humane. We use exclusion techniques to keep them off your property. When we do capture peacocks, we do so humanely so they can be released.
Don’t let their beauty prevent you from making the call to Sandwich Isle bird control services. Once peacocks arrive, they are difficult to get rid of. Call now for immediate removal services, and schedule your yearly pest bird control strategy to keep them out for good.

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