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It's Bed Bug Awareness Week!

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Bed Bug Awareness Week In April

Maybe you’ve heard about these bugs or maybe you’ve had run-ins with them before, but this week is all about bed bugs! The Honolulu pest control pros at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions are recognizing Bed Bug Awareness Week and we wanted to let our faithful readers know a little more about these frustrating blood sucking parasites, ways in which we detect them and how we can help you get rid of them in your Hawaii home or business. 

What is Bed Bug Awareness Week?

Although bed bugs are a topic that makes most people’s skin crawl, we don’t shy away from these pests at Sandwich Isle! We get many calls every day from frustrated and anxious home and business owners that are dealing with these pests.  We also know how helpful awareness is in curbing the spread of bed bugs and that’s why we’re recognizing Bed Bug Awareness Week, which was marked by the Professional Pest Management Alliance as a way to remind the public about the dangers of bed bugs before the summer travel season commences.   Read Prevention Tips For Bed Bugs In Honolulu for a few tips on bed bug prevention. 

How Do We Detect Bed Bugs?

At Sandwich Isle, we offer two different types of bed bug detection services.  We can send one of our trained technicians to your home or business and they can conduct a bed bug inspection.  They check bedding, mattresses, box springs and areas around the bed for brown spots (bed bug fecal droppings), shed bed bug skins and tiny white bed bug eggs.  Our technicians will look behind photos on the walls, inside electrical outlets and even along the edge of the carpet where carpeting meets the wall. The second, more accurate option for bed bug detection is sending our trained HI bed bug dogs to your property.  A K9 scent detection team consists of a trained bed bug scent detecting dog (either Scout or Ally) and their trained handler.  As you probably already know, dogs can be trained to sniff out drugs, weapons and even people and more recently they’ve learned how to sniff out live bed bugs (and their eggs) in properties all over the country.  Our dedicated pups are excellent at locating bed bug infestations and can do so far quicker than any of our trained technicians and without the need for altering anything in your room. 

How Do We Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Our bed bug control in Honolulu, Oahu and throughout our Hawaii pest control service area will depend a lot on your particular circumstances. Our technicians will determine which method of bed bug exterminating is best for you, but services may consist of bed bug heat treatments, chemical treatments or even fumigation treatments.  After the treatment, we monitor for bed bug activity to make sure the infestation does not return.  We also offer educational seminars so that staff in commercial facilities know how to handle reports of bed bugs within facilities (commercial lodgings, retail stores, etc).  At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we want you to be aware of the signs of bed bugs so that you will notice these pests in your property before an infestation gets out of control and spreads to other people and places.  Click here to check out our Bed Bug FAQ section

For more information on the bed bug treatments available at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at 808-450-2587.  You can also fill out our online contact form and one of our technicians will call you back to set up your first inspection.  If you just suspect bed bugs in your home or business or you’re certain these pests are present, don’t wait; contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today!  

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