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Keeping Bed Bugs Out Of Maui

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bed bug crawling on a bed in maui

For anyone who has ever visited Maui, you know that the most difficult part of your trip was leaving. This beautiful tropical paradise is a little slice of heaven on earth. For those of us that call Maui home, we wonder why anyone would ever leave. The perfect temperatures, the pristine beaches, the rich scents wafting through the air…. How could anyone ever return to any other place on earth and experience even a smidgen of the atmosphere that is found here in Maui? Yet, not everyone can be fortunate enough to call Maui home which is why we have become one of the most coveted vacation destinations worldwide.

Each and every year millions of visitors pour into Maui from all over the globe to spend a week or two or three soaking in all that is this paradise on earth, but even in this perfection, there is one thing that all visitors and residents alike should be on the lookout for. Bed bugs. These little creatures move from place to place by hitching a ride with some poor unsuspecting soul. The fact that we receive so many visitors makes us a target for these creatures and our weather is perfect for sustaining them. The best way to avoid becoming a host for bed bugs is by knowing the facts and by being diligent and aware.

The first thing to note is what these bugs look like. The adult bug is typically about the size and shape of an apple seed – except with legs! They are usually colored a shade of red or brown. Nymphs are a lot harder to see but are similar in appearance with a much lighter coloring. The eggs are so tiny that they are almost impossible to see and are translucent to white.

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures and spend their days hiding in any dark nook or cranny. No, they don’t just hang out in beds, either. They can be found just about anywhere. Places such as electrical outlets, picture frames, bed frames, furniture, and electronics are great hideaways for bed bugs. They are also not just found in hotel or motel rooms. They can be in libraries, schools, dorms, department stores, hospitals, or on trains, planes, boats, or cabs. Anywhere that people frequent are targets for bed bugs.

Most people realize by now that the old myth that bed bugs infest places of filth is just that – a myth. Bed bugs are looking for human blood to feed on. It’s that simple. They don't care if there is filth or clutter; they just care if there is a meal, which is why they can be found in that old broken down motel down the road or in that five-star hotel uptown. They can be found in that apartment tenement in a poorer neighborhood or in that multi-million dollar estate overlooking the ocean. They really are an equal opportunity invader.

Being diligent to check for bed bugs wherever you travel or wherever you stop for the night is a huge step in preventing them, and don’t forget to check the stitching on seating in whatever mode of transportation you choose.

The incidences of bed bug infestation across the country are at an all-time high – and climbing. Most people think this is because of the drastic increase in world travel coupled with a ban on certain pesticides in the 90’s and the lack of public awareness; but, whatever the cause, the outcome remains the same – bed bugs are spreading and affecting more and more families. If you suspect that bed bugs have invaded your Maui home or business, the best thing to do is to contact the professionals here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Our bed bug specialists know these creatures inside and out. They are experts on their habits and habitats and on the hiding places these creatures use. They know what it takes to stop bed bugs in their tracks – and they can quickly and discreetly eliminate these creatures from your home or business.

Don’t spend another sleepless night worrying about the bed bug’s bite – call Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions to the rescue. We have the bed bug solutions you are looking for.

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