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Keys To A Pest-Free Thanksgiving

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thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving is the time of year that we begin to reminisce about all the things for which we are thankful.  Even though we appreciate our good job, nice home, dependable car, family, and friends throughout the year, the Thanksgiving Holiday makes us even more thankful for our blessings.  However, one thing we never develop is an appreciation of household pests. These unwanted invaders during the Thanksgiving season may include bed bugs as well as an increase of spiders, rodents, and cockroaches.  Unfortunately, our time of gathering together as family and friends can certainly increase the risk of exposure with some of those dreaded pests.
There is no doubt that the combination of the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday shopping makes it one of the busiest weekends of the year.  A huge presence of people almost always means a presence of bed bugs.  Your invited guests begin arriving to enjoy a succulent Thanksgiving meal.  You know your guests well, but what you don’t know is the mode of transportation or motels your friends and family frequented in their travels from their home to yours.   There are occasions when, unbeknown to your guests, bed bugs hitch a ride with them from the motel, bus, or airplane to your home.  The increase of travel, both home and abroad, has caused a widespread infestation of bed bugs in Hawaii and all across the United States.
Although you don’t want to embarrass your guests by stopping them at the door for a thorough inspection of any bed bugs in their luggage and clothing, you will want to do a complete inspection and cleaning of the guest room as soon as they leave.  This would include stripping the beds and washing and drying all sheets and bed covers and examining the mattress closely for any signs of bed bugs.  Be sure to set your water temperature and drying temperature on high for this washing.  You should also vacuum all carpets and wash any small rugs.
If any bed bugs are spotted or you see any sign of their presence, contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.  Our K9 scent detection dogs are trained to find bed bugs and their almost invisible eggs.  Our highly trained technicians will utilize the most effective methods available to eradicate these unwanted guests from your home.  This includes specialized vacuums and steamers along with sophisticated products that eliminate all life stages of bed bugs, including the eggs.  The technicians will also offer a unique bed bug monitoring service to prevent future infestations.
Please contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions for one of our Premier Pest Protection Plans for year round coverage of more than 30 common household pests.  Our protection plans will give you the assurance of total protection and a pest-free home during the Thanksgiving Holiday and throughout the year.

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