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Michael Botha Named SPAR

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michael botha named spar

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is proud to announce that Michael Botha, our President and CEO, has been appointed by the State Associations in Montana and here in Hawaii to be the official State Policy Affairs Representative (SPAR) to the National Pest Management Association.  Michael is both honored and privileged to accept these positions, and to have a hand in increasing coordination and collaboration in order to positively influence the state legislative and regulatory bodies in the area of pest management.

In fulfilling his role as SPAR, Michael will be a liaison with the NPMA Policy Board regarding federal, state, and local policy issue affecting the pest management industry.  As such, he will be directly involved in coordinating efforts on statewide issues in Hawaii and Montana that effect our industry.  The primary function of this position is to communicate public policy issues to the respective states and then get the word out about these issues so that our leaders and our communities are kept informed on the current issues in pest control and management and any changes that may occur. 

As this new position evolves and its duties expand, we are certain that Michael will continue to be a strong asset and influence in our industry and our communities as we strive to make pest management as safe and effective as possible while we stay on top of new and pressing pest management concerns.  After all, the goal is limiting pests with the least amount of risk to people and the environment; a stand that Michael has long held. 

Won’t you join us in congratulating Michael for this honored appointment?

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