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Mongoose Control In Hawaii

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The mongoose is primarily found throughout most of the continent of Africa. While they are generally terrestrial, these mammals seem to be quite at home in the treetops and some even appear to be of the semi-aquatic type. Mongooses normally burrow into the ground and will feed on quite a variety of things from rodents to birds, frogs, reptiles, worms, insects as well as fruits and nuts.  It's their love of eating rodents that caught the attention of Hawaii a long time ago. 

During the 1800’s mongooses were brought to several of the islands of Hawaii for the purpose of rodent control. Little did they know at that time that not only would this move be ineffective, it would actually backfire on them. The mongoose is active during the day while the rodents were most active during the night. Consequently, mongooses did not solve the rodent problem. Today the mongoose has become a serious threat to the survival of certain native birds. The Hawaii Invasive Species Council estimates that the cost of damages to the Hawaiian Island and Puerto Rico is in excess of $50 million each year.

These furry mammals have a long shaped face, long body, and short legs. They have little round ears and can range in size from less than a foot long to nearly 3 feet depending on the species. Anyone who has a presence of mongooses on their property should not hesitate to contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions and inquire about our mongoose control services. Our services will begin with a Sandwich Isle wildlife control professional coming to your home or business and inspecting the property for the purpose of evaluating the extent of the population of mongooses. This very thorough inspection will provide the information needed for our wildlife control specialist to design and implement a custom program to meet your needs.

Our mongoose control program consists of the removal of mongooses along with our transporting and relocating services in which our technicians will deliver the captured mongooses to the Humane Society. Wildlife can be very aggressive and the mongoose is no exception. This menacing animal can be ferocious and very challenging to control or remove. The mongoose is certainly not the type of animal for the novice to attempt to capture. We are leaders in the field of humane animal trapping and removal. Our mongoose and wildlife removal services offer the most advanced exclusion methods in the industry.

Serving Honolulu and Oahu as well as elsewhere in our service area, please contact us today and let us help you capture and transport these unwelcome animals from your property.

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