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Mynah Birds Negative Impact on Businesses

In: Bird Control

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mynah bird near hawaii business

The tropical, Asian-native mynah bird is a medium-sized bird with a short tail and prominent beak. You can often identify them from their innovative songs that consist of squeaks, whistles, and imitated sound – they're quite noisy! Mynah birds eat fruit and invertebrates, cause damage to crops, and are quite aggressive with other small animals, from squirrels to other birds. They will damage the eggs and harm the babies of other birds, too. They can spread diseases to both humans and animals, and create problems for businesses.

Preventing Mynah Birds

If you do not already have mynah birds around your business, you will want to try and keep it that way. Try the following precautions to discourage mynah birds from taking up residence on your commercial property:

  • Never put birdseed or feeders out, even if you love to watch the other birds.
  • Keep trees and shrubs on your property trimmed to reduce potential nesting sites for mynah birds.
  • Maintain your commercial building siding and fill all holes or gaps to prevent the birds from making a nest.
  • Line your windowsills and roof line with specially designed bird spikes to prevent mynah birds from building nests in those spaces.

Mynah Birds Aren’t Good For Business

If prospective customers want to come into your establishment but see a flock of mynah birds on your property, they may be discouraged from getting too close. No one wants to be hit by falling bird feces as they walk from their car to your door! The sound of mynah birds is loud and intimidating to some people as well, which can also lead your customers directly to your competitors.

How To Control Mynah Birds

Unfortunately, sometimes taking all the proper precautions won't be enough to prevent mynah birds from showing up on your property. If your business is experiencing mynah bird problems, give Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions a call for bird control assistance. We are experienced in the art of removing the nuisance birds from properties and use methods approved for businesses. Our mynah bird control methods include shock tracks, bird spikes, netting, exclusion, and trapping. We may use one or a combination of mynah bird control methods depending on your situation and unique business needs. Once your mynah bird problem is under control, we will work with you to prevent new birds from returning to your property.

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