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Oahu Pest Control Pros On Preventing Flea Bites

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close up of a flea found on oahu

Fleas can be a major pest problem for homeowners on Oahu and throughout Hawaii. And whether you own cats and dogs or not, fleas can find their way into your home. These tiny, biting insects who multiply rapidly are known to leave people and pets feeling miserable with bites. Thankfully, there are ways in which homeowners can prevent and control fleas from taking over.

How did I get fleas?

If you own cats or dogs it is likely that they have picked up a flea or two from being outside and once the fleas started biting (feeding) they began to multiply. Quickly your home can be taken over by these pests including the carpet and furniture. But even if you are not a pet owner, you are not exempt.  Fleas can be introduced to your property via neighborhood pets and other wild animals passing over.  They may also arrive on visitors or actually jump on you as you walk by an infested area.  That’s right, fleas can actually jump pretty high and will hitch a ride on a host simply walking by.  And don’t be fooled, fleas can thrive on biting you just as easily as a dog or cat.

How can I prevent fleas?

As with all pests, prevention is the best method of control. And there are many ways in which HI residents can prevent fleas from infesting their homes.

  • Vacuum your home regularly to get rid of any live fleas or their eggs embedded into the carpet. Don’t forget under furniture and beds!

  • If possible, wash your pets bedding regularly to kill off any fleas or eggs that could be trying to spread through the home.

  • Wash bedding and linens regularly.

  • Keep your pets up to date on their flea treatments which should be bought at the local veterinarian’s office.

How do I get rid of fleas?

The short answer, contact your Hawaii pest control provider.  Since fleas are experts in infiltrating quickly and severely, you should take action as soon as you notice a problem.  Left un-treated fleas, like bed bugs in Hawaii and other pests, will only grow in numbers and become a larger issue. Unfortunately store bought sprays are not likely to take care of fleas and can be dangerous to yours and your pets health if used improperly.

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we offer home pest control services that will solve your immediate pest problem as well as keep your home free of fleas and other unwanted insects.  We provide pest control on both Oahu including Honolulu and Pearl City as well as parts of Big Island.  To find out how we can help you protect your family, pets and home from pests, please contact us today!

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