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Oahu's Feral Chicken Problem

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Feral Chicken

Trouble in paradise? Indeed. And it comes in the form of a chicken.

They screech out their wake up calls at 3 to 4:30 in the morning. They scratch up landscaping. They leave their droppings everywhere they go. And, it has Honolulu City Council members so concerned they're putting $80,000 into the budget to address this worsening issue.

When you think of pest problems, you probably think of cockroaches or rats. But all across the state, wild chickens are taking center stage. You can see them walking across parking lots in Hawaii Kai and moving in packs through Nuuanu Pali. They loiter near fast food restaurants and apartment complexes alike. And, council members are once again looking for a solution to this increasing problem.

They tried to revive a program to trap wild chickens last year, but they were unable to find a vendor. Perhaps this year, with an $80,000 budget, they can begin what they are now calling a pilot project. But will it be enough? This is a large issue and will require communities to work together. Prince Jonah Kuhio Elementary School principal Evelyn Hao told KHON2, "We are currently working with our surrounding community, including several condominium buildings, to address the problem of chickens on campus." She pointed out that chickens leave droppings, dig holes and pose a safety hazard to students when they play. But controlling wild chickens isn't something the school can handle on its own.

There are other obstacles. The city's Department of Customer Services pointed out. "While seeking ways to involve the public in creative solutions to this issue, and restrained by a limited budget, CSD must balance concerns raised by animal advocates over the welfare of the animals against the public nuisance created by Oahu’s feral chicken population."

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