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Pest Birds and Hawaii Businesses

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Pest birds in Hawaii come in many shapes and colors. They also present many different problems for businesses. Some will create a disturbance by the sounds they make. Others will accidentally fly into machinery. Some are more dangerous to statues and buildings because their feces contain a corrosive agent. Others are more of a danger because they pick disease up from trash heaps and dumpsters and bring them into areas where food products are. Some even do all of the above. Here are a few things you should know about birds in Hawaii. 

What birds are most likely to be a pest? 

We have a wide variety of bird species in our state, but only a few are considered to be pest birds. These are the birds that feed out of dumpsters, get into power boxes, eat fresh grass seed, deface structures with their feces, cause noise disturbances, destroy machinery, contaminate food, create ugly roosts on ledges and roofs, create slipping hazards on walkways, and more. If you have pigeons, sparrows, mynah birds, chickens, or ducks, it is a good idea to have bird deterrents installed. 

What businesses are most likely to be threatened by birds?

Since bird issues can come in such wide varieties, there are many businesses that can be affected. But, some are more susceptible than others.

Apartment Buildings - When pest birds roost and congregate around apartment buildings, they aren't just a noise disturbance. They can also cause slipping hazards on walkways that can lead to a lawsuit.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets - Any business that handles and distributes food can have major issues with pest birds, especially if food is set out in open areas. 

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities - In areas where people are more susceptible to diseases and illnesses, pest birds and their feces are a serious threat.

Hotels and Other Commercial Lodgings - While birds may seem to add to the ambiance of businesses in the hospitality industry of Hawaii, their presence can come with many pitfalls. Air conditioning units can be damaged, roosting areas can be displeasing to guests, cleanup of droppings can be expensive, and more. 

Office Buildings - No office building benefits from having pest birds, especially pigeons. The corrosiveness of pigeon feces and the illnesses these birds can spread have the potential to lead to employee absenteeism and damaged property.

Retail Stores - Droppings on walkways and unsightly roosts do not help retail stores build their brand. And managing the waste product of birds is an unneeded expense for any business. 

Pest Bird Solutions 

The bird control specialists here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions have access to the most advanced bird deterrents available in the industry. Through the use of shock tracks, bird spikes, humane trapping, netting, bird wire, solar panel exclusion, and OvoControl, they are able to keep birds from roosting or congregating, without hurting the birds in any way. When you need an effective solution for your bird problem, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is the right choice.

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