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Pest Birds Are Bad For Hawaiian Businesses

In: Bird Control

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pigeons outside hawaii business

There are hundreds of species of birds throughout the Islands as anyone who lives in Maui can tell you. From the most common finch to the elegant heron, they are everywhere. From a distance, they attract hundreds of fans all looking to capture the perfect photo. It’s a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon; however, if you live here and some of these birds have taken up residence on your property, the story can be entirely different.

Some of the local bird population can end up being not only a nuisance but a dangerous addition to your home or your business. As nice as tourists might find it to drive by and see chickens, ducks, or even the occasional peacock roosting on your lawn or even your roof, you know that the waste these birds leave behind is a slippery, smelly mess. This leads to the potential of a customer slipping and falling, and that is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. These birds along with pigeons, mynah birds, and others that tend to congregate on your rooftops and wires can contain parasites that can cause illness to customers and families if their feces are not properly cleaned up on a regular basis. Bird droppings are not only unsightly; they have corrosive qualities that can lead to deterioration of statues and concrete walkways over time.

Birds have a tendency to be just where you do not want them to be. Nesting birds, such as sparrows and doves, will find their way into ventilation shafts clogging them. Or, they could be creating a potential fire danger if their highly flammable nesting material is near any wiring in air conditioning units. Either way, this is an unsafe situation for your family, your business, your customers, and the birds.

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is well aware of the danger pest birds can be to your livelihood and peace of mind. We can work with businesses, no matter what size, to help control the bird population. We have experience with bird removal and exclusion in hotels, shops, grocery stores, health facilities, office buildings, warehouses, and more. We can use several techniques to ensure proper bird control - OvoControl, birdwire, netting, and live trapping to name a few. We work with the property owners to find the best combination of products and services that will clear the birds and let you get back to running your business.

The bird problem you do not have today could easily be there tomorrow. Why wait for a severe bird control issue to protect your property? After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Call us today and allow your business to become or remain a bird-free zone.

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