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Pest Birds Causing Havoc In Hawaii

In: Bird Control

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pigeons sitting next to a hawaii business

When thinking of all the pests that can wreak havoc, create unsafe conditions, and spread disease, it is possible that pest birds top the list. Their ability to fly out of reach, build nests in high places, and roost on top of buildings makes it almost impossible for the home or business owner to eradicate and implement bird control.

There are many beautiful birds that gather around bird feeders and bring enjoyment to homeowners. However, others are a serious risk to your home or business. When pigeons and other pest birds begin building nests and roosting on buildings, major problems and health issues accompany them. The buildup of feces full of parasites and various diseases can be hazardous to the health and safety of people. Not only do pest birds cause unsanitary conditions, they can damage your home, business facility, and even destroy machinery. The reputation of companies has been tarnished because of nasty conditions caused by pest birds.

Fortunately for the residents of Hawaii, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is very much aware of the dangers and stressful conditions brought about with an infestation of pest birds. We understand the negative impact these birds can have on commercial facilities. Sandwich Isle has been very successful in controlling pest birds in both residential and commercial locations.

Sandwich Isle’s bird control services are designed to protect you from all types of pest birds ranging from sparrows and pigeons to peacocks. Homes, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, and apartment buildings are all subject to bird infestation. Regardless of the location or type of building, Sandwich Isle will customize a bird control service to meet the needs of your property or facility and stay within your budgetary restrictions.

Many products and techniques are used by our highly skilled technicians to successfully eradicate and control pest birds. While some methods are effective in one setting, a different technique may be needed in another. Some of the procedures include: bird spikes, netting, bird wire, and humane trapping. Sandwich Isle, always on the cutting edge of technology, also proudly utilizes the use of OvoControl. This is a humane, cost effective way to reduce pest birds through contraceptives consumed by the bird. Our skilled technicians can also set up corral traps to capture peacocks and remove them from your property.

As you can see, bird control is complicated, requires many techniques, and is not for the DIY novice. For all your bird management needs, contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions and learn more about our effective bird control methods.

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