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Pest Birds in Hawaii

In: Bird Control

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pest bird sitting on rock

Have you ever been sitting on a park bench underneath a tree, innocently trying to eat your lunch, when suddenly a white splotch splatters down right next to you? Have you ever had this happen to your head? Perhaps you own a business where birds have decided to make your roof their home, and leave all sorts of unsightly droppings all over everything. Whatever the case may be, we all can appreciate that sometimes birds are simply not good to have around.

Not only are birds sometimes a nuisance, they can also pose health hazards. Consider the fact that some birds are known vectors for diseases such as salmonella, ornithosis, pseudotuberculosis, and histoplasmosis. And they also have the potential to cause lawsuits, in instances where their droppings pose a slipping hazard. Yes, there is no question, pest birds in Hawaii can be a real problem.

How Does Bird Control Work?

If you are dealing with pest birds at your home or business, Sandwich Isles Pest Solutions can help. Our certified bird control technicians are educated in industry-leading exclusion methods for mynah birds, pigeons, peacocks, sparrows, chickens, and other pest birds. And if you have a tender heart, and you have birds that need to be removed, you can be assured that the strategies used are not only safe for humans, they are done in a way that is humane for the birds as well. The following is a list of some of the tools that Sandwich uses for bird control.

  • Trapping. If trapping is required, we use only humane trapping. Cages are used in a catch and release program to put birds back in nature where they belong.

  • Bird wire is wire that is placed on ledges to prevent birds from roosting.

  • Shock tracks are placed in areas where birds tend to land, they deliver a startling, yet harmless, shock to birds, discouraging them from landing.

  • Nets are used to cover areas where birds need to be excluded, like on machinery, and around eaves.

  • Bird spikes are attached to buildings, lights, signs, etc, and give birds a gentle poke when they come to perch.

  • OvoControl is a birth control that is used to reduce pest bird populations.

  • Solar Panel Exclusions are a relatively new, fast, and simple kit of clever clips and PVC coated metal mesh that acts as a fence to keep birds from getting under solar panels.

Can you afford to not get pest bird control?

You may be wondering what bird control services will mean to your bottom line. Well, you can rest assured that Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions will work with you to match your needs with your budget. You don't have to live with pest birds in Hawaii, reach out for help from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today.

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