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Pest Management Professional Annual Report

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Recently, the 2nd annual Pest Management Professional (PMP) Top 100 Revenue Rankings were published and we are pleased to announce that Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions ranked 78th in 2011! The report also covers other rankings in the pest control industry of which we are proud to share:

5th for Revenue Gain with a gain of 18%!

12th Top Revenue by Region in the Western region

50th for Residential Revenues

We are also proud to share with you our Pest Revenue Rankings for the past year:

  • 39th in Ant Management

  • 22nd in Bedbug Management

  • 32nd in Cockroach Management

  • 14th in Stored Product Pest Management

  • 48th in Rodent Management

  • 15th in Termite Management

We are proud to be included in the Pest Management Professional’s Top 100 Revenue Rankings and look forward to another successful year taking care of all of Hawaii’s residential and commercial pest control needs! Contact us today for your first inspection or for more information about our services

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