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Pest Mynah Birds in Hawaii

In: Bird Control

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mynah bird

How can such a pretty bird be such a big problem? These lovely creatures with their vibrant yellow coloring and bright yellow legs can be pretty to look at, but what they do when they come onto your property is far from pretty.

Like all birds, mynah birds leave their droppings everywhere they go which can cause many issues for a home or business. The droppings from mynah birds contain acids that are corrosive and can cause damage to structures, statues, and concrete. When droppings get on walkways, they can create a slipping hazard--and that is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Feces from birds can also carry diseases. If mynah birds find a place to roost, these sites can become contaminated and dangerous to anyone involved in the cleanup process. Not to mention, studies have linked mynah birds to a transmissible gastroenteritis virus that can be passed on to livestock.

Mynah birds are also known to dig up and eat freshly planted seeds. If you're trying to plant something on your property, good luck with mynah birds around. Their diet is not limited to seeds, either. These are scavenger birds that will eat fruit, vegetables, and a wide variety of animals, and they are not averse to feeding from dumpsters, trash heaps, and roadside kill. In the wild, mynah birds mostly dine on amphibians, eggs, crustaceans, small snakes, tiny rodents, and small birds.

This is a pest bird that will get into many places it isn't supposed to be. This can create problems with machinery, air-conditioning units, venting systems, and more. It is vital to protect this equipment with proper bird control products.

There is an extensive list of issues mynah birds can cause, more importantly we should shift our focus to the topic of how to keep these birds from being a problem. At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, our nationally respected, award-winning team has an extensive selection of protocols and products to resist and remove all pest birds including mynah birds. These control measures are designed by experts in the industry to use the natural instincts of these birds to safely encourage them to be where they belong through an implementation of shock tracks, bird spikes, netting, bird wire, humane trapping, and solar panel exclusion.

While mynah birds can seem to add to the exotic beauty of Hawaii, these are invasive birds that harm indigenous plants and animals. They are vectors for avian malaria and are carriers of mites and other parasites. For this reason, our team may sometimes use OvoControl (a bird focused birth control measure) to reduce mynah bird populations.

If you're finding mynah birds on your Hawaii property, let the experts here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offer you the right solutions to properly control these birds.

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