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Pest Prevention When Bringing Home A Christmas Tree

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Experts On Pest Control In Hawaii Offer Pest Prevention Tips For The Holidays

Have you picked out your Christmas tree yet? If you’re like us, you probably prefer the real kind at Christmas, despite the cost or the frustration of lost pine needles on the floor. Fake Christmas trees are nice looking, and perhaps even easier to have in your home than a real Christmas tree, but they just don’t inspire that Holiday feeling like a real Christmas tree does! Whether you’re choosing a Norfolk Island Pine (first brought to Hawaii in 1852 and the official Christmas tree of Hawaii!) this year, or even a Leyland Cypress, bringing home the amazing smell of the Christmas aloha spirit with a real Christmas tree really completes your preparations for the Christmas celebration.

One of the calls we receive every year around this time is insects running rampant in homes, possibly carried in on the perfect Christmas tree you selected. This can be avoided by a few simple prevention methods, including:

  • Inspecting the tree for insects before bringing it into your home. Check the branches individually and inspect the trunk as well for any nests that may be hiding in the middle.

  • You can gently shake the tree to remove any insects that have made their home on your new tree. Do this outside so that any insects present will be released outdoors, as well as to avoid making a mess of pine needles on your living room floor.

  • You can also vacuum the tree very carefully with a handheld vacuum to remove any remaining pests on the tree. Just be sure to empty the vacuum in an outside garbage can.

If you find a tree at a local Oahu Christmas tree farm, you may find that the insects on the tree are native to Hawaii and perfectly safe to be around, although just simply annoying. If you purchase a tree from a tree vendor that gets Christmas tree shipments from Oregon, Washington and California, the insects you find on your tree may be an invasive species and ought to be reported immediately. These pests can take over our state and cause problems for the ecological system.

You also need to consider pests that may be stored away with your holiday decorations from last year.  These pests could be hiding in your holiday decoration storage boxes, waiting for you to live the cover and jump out.  The best way to avoid unpacking pests with Christmas decorations is to make sure your decorations are stored in hard plastic storage boxes with tight fitting lids.  When you unpack your decorations, do it outside so that any pests that may be hiding in among your ornaments and figurines will escape into the outdoors, rather than in your home.  Inspect decorations carefully before putting them into your home to make sure that no pests have attached themselves to the decorations.  Doing all of this will ensure that your home is free from pests this holiday season. 

If you have find that bringing in natural decorations into your Hawaii home has caused your house to be filled with insects or other pests, contact the professionals at Sandwich Isle today. We can help you eliminate the pest problem and ease your mind this holiday season. For more information for pest control in HonoluluWaikikiHaleiwa and throughout Hawaii, check out our Residential Services for Hawaii.

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