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Pest Trouble In Paradise?

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There are many exotic creatures that call Hawaii their home--and some that are not so exotic. These pests get into homes and businesses, damage property, damage crops, pose a danger to residents and visitors, and threaten indigenous wildlife. It isn't their fault, really. They're just doing what they were born to do. But they can't be allowed to run amok. They must be controlled. When it comes to managing bugs and wildlife, homeowners, business owners, farmers and state municipalities are turning to Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

When the city of Honolulu was in need of effective feral pig control, city officials turned to Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions for help. Using a proactive approach of remote trigger trapping, we caught 25 chickens in the first day. This was a dramatic increase in effectiveness from what had been used before that, and the city is now well on its way to being feral chicken-free.

When coffee berry borers began damaging crops and hurting the economy of Hawaii, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions was called to join the fight. These bugs cost coffee producers $500 million each year worldwide and have no beneficial role to play in the ecosystem of our state. Since there is no current treatment option to kill coffee berry borers, we worked quickly to set up a fumigation facility in Kailua-Kona to help government officials enforce a quarantine that would keep these bugs from spreading to other areas.

When invasive pests like mallards, sparrows, mynah birds and pigeons damage property and threaten indigenous bird species, businesses turn to Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions for real solutions. Our expert technicians immediately work to remove roosts and trap any birds that are not able to be excluded. Then, shock tracks, bird spikes, netting, bird wire and solar panel exclusions are installed to keep birds from returning.

When businesses need protection against the increasing bed bug population in Hawaii, they turn to Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Some of our clients have been with us for over a decade because our control practices work. We believe the best way to control and prevent bed bugs is to understand the habits and habitats of these blood eaters. With two entomologists on staff, both certified with the Entomological Society in America, we know that our treatment plans will be based on modern scientific study. We have also sent staff across the country to speak with leading national experts in order to provide the absolute best protection for our clients.

When it comes to managing pests in paradise, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is the company more and more professionals and municipalities are turning to. If you're having problems with Hawaii pests, effective and proactive solutions are a phone call away.

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