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Phosphine Gas Is One Of Many Dangers

In: Home Pest Control

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At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we focus on natural methods to manage bugs and wildlife but, in the war against pests, it is sometimes necessary to use chemical agents. This should not come as a surprise. We are battling an enemy that can be as small as 1 mm, is able to climb walls and walk across ceilings, is skilled at tunneling great distances, and can even fly. Keeping invasive pests out is a complicated matter, one that requires an education in the proper use of pest control products. When these substances are not administered properly, the results can be deadly, as a family in Amarillo, Texas, recently learned. Sadly, their story is just one of many.

News agencies report that phosphine gas was released into a mobile home when water was sprayed on pest control chemicals that had been applied to the underside of a trailer. Four children died as a result, and other family members, as well as early responders, needed to be treated for exposure.

The issue arose from the improper application of a restricted-use pesticide. The homeowner did not do enough research and was unaware that mixing water with pesticides that contain aluminum phosphide produces phosphine gas. They were probably also unaware that pure phosphine is a colorless, odorless gas that aggressively attacks the respiratory system when ingested.

Aluminum phosphide and phosphine gas are both useful agents for keeping invasive wildlife and bugs from entering man-made structures, and for exterminating destructive or disease-causing pests that are infesting, but they must be administered in a way that protects non-target animals and humans from accidental exposure.

Educated pest professionals, like those employed here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, follow strict protocols and regulations regarding the application of these materials. They are trained and certified to handle these products in a way that prevents accidental exposure from occurring.

Phosphine gas is only one of many dangers that can result from the improper application of pesticides and pest control products. There are other agents that can poison humans, and other ways these agents can be introduced, besides inhalation. Some products are also flammable and can lead to property damage, loss of belongings, and loss of life.

In the war against pests, it is sometimes necessary to use chemicals. At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we use only a limited and focused application of these products and administer them in ways that will keep your family, your pets, and your home safe.

We understand how frustrating pests can be, especially here in Hawaii. But, don't take chances with harmful and toxic products. Trust trained and educated pest technicians to handle these products safely and effectively. Your life, or the life of someone you care about, could depend on it.

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