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Problems Centipedes Can Cause In Hawaii

In: Home Pest Control

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house centipede

Let's face it, centipedes are common here in Hawaii. And there are few, or no, people who like having them in their home. Here are a few obvious reasons why, and a couple of ideas to guard against them.

The biggest reason to not want a centipede around is the fact that they bite. This can be either a small problem or a big one, depending on the situation. Most of the time the bite from a centipede is comparable to a bee sting. But, if that centipede bites you in a spot that has a lot of nerve endings, you're going to be one unhappy camper.

Centipede bites can become medically important if a bite wound becomes infected or if the person bitten has an allergic reaction to centipede venom. Normally a bite wound will have pain, swelling, and redness. But when symptoms include throat swelling, rapid heart rate, or difficulty breathing, it is time to get that checked out immediately.

Another reason to not want centipedes around is as obvious as the first, these things are disgusting. There is hardly a creature on the planet that looks more alien than a centipede, with its several dozen, hard-shelled legs shooting out from its sides, and its shiny exoskeleton. Centipedes look like something straight out of a science-fiction horror film. In fact, these pests are probably the inspiration for many special effect creature artists. But, even special effect creature artists don't want them crawling around their home.

Is it a problem to have something disgusting living in your home? You bet it is. When something slithers out of a hole and you're standing on a ladder, the results could be bad. If you're in an attic space and something crawls quickly from a box, you could find yourself with a wound on your head as you bump it trying to escape. If you crawl into bed and feel something hard brush against you, you might end up with a strained muscle in your back when you leap from bed.

Other than the obvious problems of having centipedes in your home, these bugs aren't much of a threat. They won't hurt your home. They won't destroy your plants. And, they won't spread disease to your family. They're just a disgusting bug that may give you a painful bite if you accidentally come in contact with it.

If you'd prefer to not have centipedes in your Hawaii home, the certified pest specialists at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can help you with that.

You can probably live with centipedes. But, life is better without them.

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