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Professionals Make Fumigation Safe

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home being prepared for fumigation

Many people fear fumigation because it relies on the use of pesticides to eliminate a pest problem, such as termites, cockroaches, or bed bugs, in homes or businesses. Fumigation is an extremely effective pest control method; and in some cases, it is the only reliable method that will completely eliminate an infestation. The professional pest control specialists from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions are certified applicators specializing in fumigation in Hawaii and ensure the safe delivery of fumigation services.
Why Use Fumigation?

Some pest species do not respond to other methods of pest control; therefore, fumigation must be used to eliminate them from your home or business. Some pests, such as termites, can hide inside your walls, floors, or furniture and continue to grow their colony for years before you even know you have a termite infestation. Bed bugs that aren't responding to less invasive methods of control will continue to reproduce and spread throughout your property if fumigation is not used to eliminate them.
Fumigation regulation in Hawaii pesticide use is regulated by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) for the state of Hawaii to ensure safety. Sandwich Isle is a certified applicator for the restricted-use pesticides involved in fumigation, which means we have been extensively trained and educated on the proper and safe use of pesticides for fumigation. We are the single largest provider of tent fumigations in Hawaii and have more certified applicators that specialize in fumigation than any other company in Hawaii. To become certified, our team must pass written examinations, and we must become recertified every five years.
We utilize our FumeGuard Program which monitors material dosage; and, for an added layer of protection, it detects intruders and prevents them from entering your home during fumigation. This is how we ensure every fumigation application is 100% effective, and it's also the process by which we monitor the status of the fumigation during the process.
Call Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today to learn more about our fumigation methods and pest control solutions for your pest control needs.

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