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Proper Peacock Control In Hawaii

In: Bird Control

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Before we get started, we should address the elephant in the room. We chose the word peacock for the title of our article because most people refer to these birds as peacocks. If we hadn't used this word, you may not have found this helpful article. The proper name for these birds is peafowl. The males are the peacocks and the females are the peahens. The males are also the pretty ones, with their colorful plumage and long train of feathers that drags behind them on the ground. That having been said, let's get to the helpful stuff.

There is no doubt that peacocks are beautiful birds, and we agree that these birds add to the exotic beauty of Hawaii, but when peacocks and peahens get into the wrong places, they can create issues. That is why it is important to give them a nudge back to where they belong.

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we are not in the business of hurting birds. We love them--just like you do. But, we understand that birds, like the peafowl, can create problems for home and business owners. Here are just a few of the ways this pheasant is unpleasant.

  • There are many who think the sound peacocks make is not enjoyable. But, even for those who like the sound, it can get annoying. In 2009, a woman had to go to court for killing a peacock with a baseball bat. She testified that she hadn't had a good night's sleep for months.

  • Peafowl also make noise when they take flight, especially in large numbers.

  • Peafowl droppings are foul. Not only is peafowl feces unsightly and frustrating to pick up, it is corrosive to paint. If you own a nice car, this bird can ruin your paint job and ruin your day.

  • Peafowl droppings can also spread diseases to humans, and is costly to clean up.

  • Peafowl can be aggressive. While not many consider peacocks dangerous, their sometimes aggressive behavior can be disturbing to some.

  • Peafowl can damage heavy equipment when they get into the wrong place.

Peafowl can be a lot of fun, and are certainly beautiful to have around, but they are best kept off  your property or contained to areas where they can do no damage. That is why we offer non-lethal solutions for bird control. Through the use of bird netting, shock tracks, bird spikes, and solar panel exclusions, we make sure those birds know where they are not wanted. And, if greater control is needed, we also provide humane trapping to remove unwanted birds from your property.

You don't have to live with noisy peacocks or the many dangers of having peafowl around. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has a solution for you. Schedule an inspection today.

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