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Protect Your Home With Year-Round Pest Control Services

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When it’s nice out, the last thing you want to think about is pest control. What you don’t know is now is the perfect time to make the call. The weather is Hawaii may be the best in the world, but it is also the perfect time to contact Sandwich Isle to take care of unwanted pests.
Hawaii Weather Makes Everything Better
Hawaii weather is the perfect climate for ocean fun, outdoor adventures, and just overall happiness. Year-round mild weather is something that most people living off the island don’t experience in their lifetimes. The average temperature in our tropical home is 85 degrees in the summer and 78 degrees in the winter. We also have more sunshine with the average day lasting between 11 and 13 hours depending on the season.
Hawaii benefits from limited humidity, few storms, refreshing breezes from the northeast, and only two seasons. Hawaii’s seasons are summer and winter, but winter is not like everyone else’s winter. Temperatures during our October-to-April winter season barely dip below 60 degrees. In fact, for the first time in more than 120 years, we hit a record in 2015 when we dropped to a low of 50s at night. This is rare for Hawaii, but when compared to the rest of the nation, it’s not cold.
We are warm, we benefit from direct sunlight, and we have warm waters. What’s the big deal, right? Why are we telling you what you already know?
Pests Like Our Weather Too
The weather you love all year long is the same weather that pests and animals love. The point of stressing our beautiful climate is to help you understand what the pests and animals love about Hawaii, too.
Longer days, year-round warmth, and no winter freezes mean insects and pests never leave, hibernate, or seasonally die off. They stick around longer, they grow bigger, and they live longer. Hawaii is the perfect environment for pests. Everything from mice and mosquitoes to pesky fowl and intrusive insects, they are abundant and thriving in Hawaii. Why do you have to worry about pests all year long? Because they never leave!
What To Do About Year-Round Pests
The only way to prevent, control, and get rid of year-round pests is to seek year-round pest control solutions such as the Premier pest control packages offered by Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Sandwich Isle Premier pest control packages include some or all of the following services to protect your property, your health, and you budget:

The Premier packages are some of the most comprehensive solutions in the industry and are aimed specifically at the most common pests that you will encounter here in Hawaii. Call Sandwich Isle pest solutions to determine which package fits your need and your budget.

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