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Protect Your Resort From Unwanted Guests

In: Commercial Pest Control

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resort on hawaii coast

Hawaii is full of exotic creatures. The tropical climate here is ideal for an incredible variety of animal and bug species. But, it is the not-so-exotic critters that usually give us the most trouble. Here are five pests that make horrible guests.


When cockroaches spend the night at your resort, they are not going to be content to stay in their rooms. These insects will get into wall voids, invade food storage areas, climb all over food prep areas in your kitchen, invade break room areas, and spread illness everywhere they go.

Bed Bugs

When human guests come to stay, they sometimes bring other guests with them. Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers. If these bugs come to stay at your resort, they're going to make your other, human, guests want to choose other accommodations.


There are many rodents in Hawaii, but the two that cause the most problems for homes and businesses are mice and rats. When these furry pests stay the night at your resort, they aren't likely to go home. Rodents are commensal creatures. That is to say, they're lazy freeloaders. In fact, they are worse than freeloaders. While they're staying in your resort, rent free, and eating all your food, they'll be spreading harmful bacteria, human pathogens, and parasites.


Large or small, centipedes are not a helpful addition to any resort. The tiny centipedes will scare your human guests, and the large centipedes could send someone to the hospital.

Stinging Insects

Centipedes have nothing on wasps. And the worst of all wasps is the Western yellow jacket. This wasp establishes ground nests that can be activated by vibrations in the ground and can develop into a swarm quickly. The Western yellow jacket is also capable of making a nest the size of car. The temperate climate of Hawaii allows yellow jacket populations to survive the winter, and continue to build. A single yellow jacket nest can have more than 500,000 individual, stinging insects inside it.

The Solution For Unwanted Guests?

Year-round, ongoing, always active pest control is the best solution for commercial pest problems. Bugs and rodents never stop encroaching. If you want a pest-free resort for your human guests to enjoy, you need pest management that never stops.

For assistance with industry-leading commercial pest control solutions, reach out to Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Our Quality-Pro certified team will take care of those unwanted guests so that the guests you want will be happy to return, over and over again.

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