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Rats & Roaches On The Rise

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Rat in a Hawaii home

It isn't your imagination, rats and roach problems are on the rise in Hawaii. We're starting to get a lot more requests to deal both of these pests. The problem is not only an issue of control, but also an issue of public awareness. If stronger control measures were put into place, Honolulu and other urban centers in Hawaii could drastically reduce the harmful effects of these both rats and roaches. Another problem is that most people don't realize the serious nature of these two infesting pests. Sure, we can all agree that they're disgusting, but it is amazingly easy to turn a blind eye.

There is a video on YouTube that clearly demonstrates this problem. We don't want to directly reference the video because we have no desire to hurt the business depicted in the video--they are already being damaged enough by the continued infestation of rodents--but we would like to use it as an example.

A man, passing by a shop window, looked in and saw over a dozen rats frolicking around vegetables and bananas, and decided to capture it on his phone. As he watches, he talks about the issue. He is partly disgusted by the idea that rats are crawling all over this food and crawling around under covers that have been draped on food, but he is also entertained by their antics. The rats are leaping over a foot into the air to get in baskets that swing from the ceiling, and are scurrying around the edges of the shop enjoying their evening antics.

The man points out that he has purchased bananas from this shop before, but that he won't be doing this in the future. This is the first, and very obvious problem rats pose. Every person who passes by this window is going to think twice about purchasing anything from this shop in the future. They may also think twice about purchasing anything from this entire market, knowing now that rats might be crawling all over everything. There is an obvious level of disgust. But here is the question: "Is this level of disgust warranted?"

We all know that rats and cockroaches in Hawaii are dirty, but do we truly understand how dirty? Those rats in that shop could be the same rats that were crawling around in the dumpster down the street. Those rats also leave excrement and urine as they explore. This isn't just disgusting; it is a serious health issue for our state.

If you touch bananas that have been touched by the fur or skin of these two pests, the harmful bacteria they spread can get on your hands. Before you even get those bananas home, you are in danger of bringing your hands in contact with your mouth or nose, or eating something from your tainted hands.

Cockroach and rat contamination is a threat that must be appropriately dealt with if we are to protect our state. When we see rats climbing around in a shop window, our response shouldn't be, "I'm not buying anything from here anymore." It should be, "Someone needs to do something about this."

Rats in one shop can quickly turn into a problem for the entire market area, and that problem will quickly spread from those businesses to nearby homes. With proper public awareness, we can stop this chain of events and keep our food from being tainted by these two pests. Help us spread the word about the dangers of cockroaches and rats, and if you find that your home as been invaded by these pests, give Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions a call. We have the experience and technology to quickly, safely, and efficiently eliminate your pest issues. Together, we can make a difference.

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