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Revenge of the midges, irony at its best!

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image of a person bit by midges

Being an entomologist means that bugs really are your way of life. You have the inside scoop on bugs and insects that not many others have. You understand their ways. Being an entomologist and owning a pest control company only intensifies this aspect of your life. When you meet people and hang out with your friends and family often the conversation goes to pests.

Living and working in paradise is a privilege that Michael Botha enjoys. As President of Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, he has been happily helping the people of Hawaii for many years with all their pest and wildlife issues. But, even so, one must have a vacation!

When he decided to go to Kitmat Mountains in British Columbia, Canada he thought that he only had to be concerned about dangerous wildlife. Well, was he ever wrong. Relaxing in the woods on a camping trip was just what he needed. Although this was grizzly country he was not concerned. All the necessary precautions for the threat of large animals had been taken. The bears made their presence obvious. There were multiple close encounters with bears and one even stalked Michael! But, alas, all was well; no violent or dangerous confrontations were had between man and beast.

The battle that was to be waged was between man and midge. What is a midge you say? A midge, aka ‘punkies’ or ‘no-see-ums’ is a blood thirsty teeny fly that travels in large groups and live in concentrated amounts around wetlands. Just like many biting flies, these blood suckers are most active in the cooler morning and evening hours. Stealth like in manner, the person being bitten usually feels the bite, but can’t actually see what is doing the biting. Common insect screens can even be too large for these teeny menaces, often attacking unsuspecting campers as they rest in their tents in the woods.

Meanwhile, back in the Kitmat Mountains with Michael, his vacation was going great; until the midges attacked. Michael sustained hundreds of midge bites all over his body. These no-see-ums helped themselves to his ankles, feet, arms, and hands. The good news for Michael and us is that these miserable creatures aren’t really a concern for spreading diseases. The bad news is that their bite can be irritating and cause an allergic type of reaction in many people. For Michael, these bites started off like a mosquito bite, and then they swelled and formed really large itchy welts that burned constantly. For six days he endured this constant burning pain and finally made a trip to the local Emergency Room. After 3 days of steroids and antihistamines, the issues passed. He is back to his normal, pest controlling entomologist self.

Once back home, he has embarked on a mission to rid Oahu, and as much of the world as he can reach, of these miserable menaces known to the entomologist world as Ceratopogonidae. He often wonders if the midges in Kitmat Mountains were seeking a long sought revenge on him for all the pest control that he has implemented over the years. Nah, but honestly, he wouldn’t put it past them!

If you have problems with house flies, mosquitoes or any other menacing pest, then your next move should be to contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Michael and his team have a newly fueled vigor for fighting this battle in the war against pests common to Hawaii!  

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