cockroach in a honolulu kitchen

Follow these tips to help prevent a problem with cockroaches in your HI home or business

Have you have ever flipped on a light in the kitchen or bathroom and saw a cockroach running for the nearest crack or crevice? This can be a disturbing sight for many homeowners as it is usually a sign that there is not just one, but many more roaches in your home. And not only are cockroaches and unpleasant sight, they also contaminate surfaces and can cause illness to you and your family members. Learning how to prevent and control cockroaches in your Honolulu home is going to save you a lot of undue stress in the future.

While roach infestations require a pest control professional to effectively get rid of them, there are ways in which you can help to prevent these critters from getting inside in the first place. Here are some tips from the Honolulu pest control professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions on how to prevent cockroach infestations:

  1. Inspect the exterior of the home and seal off any cracks, holes, or crevices that roaches could use to squeeze inside.

  2. Try to reduce moisture in the home which is one thing cockroaches are after. Consider a dehumidifier for overly moist areas and try to keep the kitchen and bathroom well ventilated.

  3. Store all open food in containers or bags that seal shut to prevent cockroaches from contaminating your food and infesting your kitchen.

  4. Keep the kitchen free of crumbs, spills, and debris by regular cleaning and disinfecting of counters, cupboards, appliances and floors.

Keep in mind that even despite your attempts to keep cockroaches out, sometimes they will find their way inside. And when it comes to these pests who can spread bacteria and other harmful pathogens, it is best to have a professional get rid of cockroaches so that you do not risk your own health and safety.

If you are dealing with cockroaches in Honolulu or elsewhere on Oahu or in our service area, please contact us today. Our team is ready to safely and effectively get rid of cockroaches so that you and your family can avoid any health threats caused by roach infestations.