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Rodent Control In Paradise

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mouse hiding in corner of living room

You would think that you wouldn’t even have to deal with rodent control in ‘paradise’. After all, isn’t paradise supposed to be perfect? Though most people do refer to Hawaii as ‘paradise’, those of us who live and work and play here know that we have our issues just like everywhere else. Although, as far as the weather goes, we are pretty near paradise! However, that very weather that makes our state so perfect is the very weather that draws in rodents, insects, and other wild things. They thrive in our tropical temperatures which gives them plenty of food and water sources with which to survive and multiply.

Well, “live and let live! That is my motto”; and a great motto that is – unless you are referring to rodents, that is. If you allow rodents to cohabitate within the confines of your home or business, devastation is sure to follow. While it’s true that these furry little creatures have a purpose to fulfill, that purpose is in the great outdoors; not in your home or business. Once these tiny little scavengers step out of their rightful place in society, they become destructive menaces.

Did you know that many fires that were first documented as “unknown origin” have actually been attributed to mice? That’s right! Mice are avid chewers. In fact, they must chew constantly in order to prevent their front incisors from growing too long. And, they are not very picky about what they chew on. The wires inside your walls are actually a wonderful teething ring for these creatures. Once they penetrate the outer plastic covering and expose those bare electrical wires, the potential for sparks to fly is high. A few sparks smoldering inside your walls is definitely a recipe for trouble. In fact, a friend of mine kept hearing a popping, sparking sound the other day followed by a horrid smell. Upon further investigation, she discovered a tiny mouse with its head sticking out from beside an electrical outlet. Poor little guy went to the afterlife right then and there. My friend was lucky. Those sparks didn’t ignite because she happened to be home when it happened and was able to cut the power and remove that critter from the outlet.

Now if the danger of fire isn’t enough for you to decide to relocate those furry little friends, consider all the diseases that they carry. Mice are known for transmitting pathogens to humans including the very dangerous Hantavirus. They also are not very good about seeing their friendly veterinarian to receive their monthly flea and tick product; so when they move into your home or business, they usually bring dozens of those pesky parasites with them. Fleas and ticks are known to spread pathogens to humans as well including the plague. That’s right! It is still in existence today!

Don’t allow rodents to ruin your home or business in paradise, get professional protection today. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can put a rodent control program in place that will protect you and your family or clients throughout the entire year from these creatures. We will also put exclusion methods into place that will keep mice from your coming into buildings and help you to learn how to avoid the ‘traps’ that lure these creatures to your property in the first place.

Keep your Hawaii home or business the perfect paradise you dream of it to be by keeping those damaging rodents in the wild where they belong. Sandwich Isle Pest has the rodent solutions for you.

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