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Rodents Are A Problem, Hawaii

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rat in a honolulu basement

According to a national survey by the Census Bureau, guess what problem was most reported by homeowners? That's right. It was rodents--or specifically, mice. But let's put this into perspective. When asked what major deficiencies were found in the homes surveyed, mice didn't just beat out other pests, they beat out problems with plumbing, heating and electrical. Why is this? Because mice and rats are incredibly resourceful. Here are some things you may not know about rodents and some practical tips to protect your Hawaii home from invasion.

  • Rodents are built to chew. To be classified as a rodent a creature must have continually growing incisors that must be filed down through the act of chewing. This makes rodents a hard creature to keep out of your home. But what many homeowners don't realize is that water damage often precedes rodent infestation. This isn't to say that rodents can't get into a perfectly sound structure. It is just easier to attack a structure that has rotted areas. So, making sure your gutter system is working properly and that no puddles are forming near your exterior walls is an important step in keeping rodents out.

  • Rodents are incredible jumpers. A tiny mouse can jump over a foot. That is impressive considering their size. And, rats can jump up an amazing three feet from a flat surface. If you're looking to keep rodents out of your home, you need to be aware that these creatures really know how to jump.

  • Rodents are incredible climbers. It doesn't take much for a mouse or rat to get a claw hold. This ability to climb is especially troublesome when it comes to downspouts. Rodents can use those drainage pipes as a direct route to your vulnerable roofline and eaves. If you want to keep rodents out of your home, consider using some wire mesh in there to keep rodents out.

Rodents are highly motivated. Do you know a typical mouse will eat up to 20 times a day? Both of these creatures are prolific eaters. This makes them highly motivated to get at anything that smells like a meal. If you want to keep them away from your exterior walls, start by making sure all of your trash is in sealed containers. And, when rodents get inside your home, you can make it less desirable for them to stay if all of your pantry food is in hard plastic containers and your home is clean of crumbs. 

Rodents are hard to keep out. But it's not impossible. If you need a rodent infestation removed, help to secure your exterior walls and rodent deterrents put in place, give us a call. The team here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions are nationally trained and state certified experts in rodent pest control. We have the solutions you need to protect your Hawaii home.

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