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Sandwich Isle is Committed to our Veterans

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Veteran Saluting The American Flag

Many of us don’t think about what veterans do once they leave the military or come back from deployment. In our busy lives we may just assume that nothing changed for them and that their lives were just on hold for those years that they bravely fought and defended our country. We may not realize how much our world changes here at home because we are desensitized as it slowly occurs all around us, but it can sometimes be completely different for a soldier returning home. Sometimes even these soldiers’ families have been altered permanently due to sickness or death. Or it could be that the jobs and careers that they left to fight are no longer available or have changed, leaving that soldier behind. It is never the same life that they left that they return to. After being thrown into a world of war that is different from what we live here, they return to find things not exactly as they remember them and it is often a difficult transition as they try to fit back into their families and jobs or have to find jobs.

This is where Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions comes in. Sandwich Isle remains committed to our veterans and their families and strives to employ them. Three out of five of the latest hires have been either former military or are active guard members. In fact, we are committed to hiring 20 veterans or veteran-spouses. That is an awesome show of support to our brave men and women of the armed services. After all, they have sacrificed so much to serve us, it is important that we do not forget what they have done and that we do all we can do to help them return to their ‘normal’ lives when they return home.

Here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we offer a rewarding career in the pest control industry with state of the art technology and continued training to ensure top of the line technicians. We have several positions available currently and are excited to meet the best candidates to fill those positions – especially current and former military personnel. We are a solid company that offers full time, year-round employment, paid training, great salary and bonus incentives, awesome benefits and paid holidays and vacations. When you join the Sandwich Isle team, you don’t just work for a trusted pest control company – you join a family.

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