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Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Hawaii Home

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Honolulu Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs aren’t the kind of pest problem where you just wait a little while and they might go away. In fact with bed bugs, if you just wait a little while, you will have more, as they reproduce quickly. The possibility of bed bugs leaving your home on their own is slim to none, unless you vacate your property, possibly for longer than a year. Since that’s not going to happen, the very best way to get rid of bed bugs to is to act as soon as it becomes obvious there is a problem. Here are just a few signs of bed bugs in Hawaii that may tip you off that you have a bed bug problem!


Signs of bed bugs include:


Little reddish-brown spots on bedding. This is very noticeable if you have pale colored bedding, but may be more challenging to see when your bedding is darker colored. These little spots are bed bug fecal matter and they are pretty significant proof that you have a bed bug infestation. They may also be seen on upholstered furniture, mattresses, box springs and other items near beds.


Shed bed bug skins. Bed bugs actually go through many different stages in their lives; they start out as eggs and when they hatch, they go through five instars, (or growth stages) before they are fully grown. When they grow, they shed their “shell” and grow a new one, which results in pale or translucent skins in the shape of bed bugs that can be found around beds, near dressers and along where carpeting meets the wall, amongst other places.


Bed bug bites are signs that bed bugs are present, but it can be easy to misidentify these bites! Mosquito bites and bites from other insects can look similar, but bed bug bites typically are noticed upon waking and they are usually in clusters of three or four bites.


Bed bugs are very good at hiding; because they only come out at night to feed, during the day time they can be found in very secretive hiding places! These places can include inside dresser drawers, closets, behind photos on the wall and even inside bedside lamps or clocks. You may even find bed bugs hiding behind outlet covers on the wall.


In a large infestation, you can often detect the scent of bed bugs; this scent has been described as sweet or musky, a bit like the smell of over ripened raspberries. By the time this smell is noticeable, the bed bug infestation will be large enough to see throughout the room.


These signs maybe very obvious or they may be hidden, depending on the severity of the infestation. A bed bug expert like the Honolulu pest control pros at Sandwich Isle can help identify a bed bug infestation inside your property quickly. We know exactly where to look for these pests and along with our bed bug detecting canines, can search a room quickly, often completing our inspection in less than 5 minutes. If you suspect you have bed bugs, waiting will not make the problem any better. Contacting the Honolulu exterminators at Sandwich Isle is the best way to make sure a bed bug problem is quickly addressed and eradicated. Through the use of our bed bug heat treatments, we can often eliminate bed bugs in as quickly as one day.


It doesn’t matter if you have just a couple of bed bugs or a full blown bed bug infestation; the professionals at Sandwich Isle are prepared to help you identify these pests and eliminate them quickly and discreetly. Contact us today for more information on the bed bug services we offer in Hawaii.


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