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Termite Treatment Options

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subterranean termites

Hawaii is a tropical paradise that draws people in from all over the world. Do you know who else likes it here in the Aloha State? That's right. Termites! We have lots of them. So it only makes sense to have lots of options to protect ourselves from them.

Termite infestations come in many forms. Some are isolated. Some are widespread. There are times when we are treating a structure that has been infested for years. Other times we are putting products into the soil of a property that hasn't even been built yet. There is a wide variety of treatment needs, and we have developed treatment options to meet each of those needs. Here are the two main termite threats here in Hawaii and the treatments you can expect from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

Subterranean Termite Treatments

These are the most destructive termites we have in Hawaii. It is often said that subterranean termites can total a new house even before the paint dries. This is a bit of an exaggeration, but this is definitely not a termite species you want anywhere near your home.

When our team is called on to protect a home from subterranean termites, also called ground termites, there are two main treatment options we use.

  • Termidor® is a non-repellent and undetectable chemical technology that termites pass through and then share with the rest of their colony. This product is perfect for eliminating termites that have already infested a structure or to protect it "before" termites attack.

  • The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System is a revolutionary termite control program that uses bait stations to send a slow-acting poison back into termite colonies to kill the queen. Since termite workers never stop foraging for food, even after a food source has been found and since the Sentricon® bait is scientifically proven to be preferable to termites than wood--workers are guaranteed to find the bait.

Drywood Termite Treatments

While not nearly as destructive as subterranean termites, these termites can still cause serious issues in a home. They are a particular threat when they attack antique furniture or other valuable belongings.

  • When an infestation is widespread, it becomes necessary to tent the entire structure and use fumigation to eradicate the infestation.

  • Fumigation can also be used to treat individual pieces of furniture or small items. This is called chamber fumigation.

If you live in Hawaii, termite protection is vital. Get your property--and your equity--protected today. No matter what your need is Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has the solution to keep your home safe from the damage of termites.

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