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Termites All Year Long In Hawaii

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termites in hawaii

There are some states where termites are much less of a problem during the winter. Freezing temperatures, frozen ground, and a thick layer of snow, keeps subterranean termites dormant, deep in the ground. And, while there may be snow on the peaks of Big Island, there is not likely to be any snow cover in your yard this winter. That means termites aren't going to be dormant at all. So, if you want to protect your little slice of Hawaiian paradise, you're going to need to have ongoing termite protection.

What does ongoing termite protection look like?

When termite control is done right, it is 100% effective, 100% eco-friendly, and barely noticeable. It looks like discreet bait stations planted strategically in your yard, without the need for drilling or trenching. And it looks like a friendly pest control technician doing an inspection periodically to make sure drywood termites have not invaded. Since termites are a year-round problem, these wood-destroying insects require a year-round solution. We trust the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ to create a barrier that not only keeps termites from getting into feed, but uses termite workers as a weapon against their own colonies. And, when it comes to drywood termites, our termite specialists know what to look for and how to directly treat infestations with products that are so safe and natural these treatments can be done without displacing anyone in the structure.

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we have leading experts in the field of entomology on staff to establish detailed protocols for inspecting and treating for all of the destructive termites we have here in Hawaii. They have developed comprehensive solutions that are backed by national research to protect structures before they are built, and long after.

Our team of termite specialists uses advanced products from Sentricon, Termidor, and other leading brands to provide borate treatments, tent fumigations, termite bait systems, direct treatments, and more. No pest control company in Hawaii offers the same level of protection for homes and businesses in the state.

Whether you are building a new structure or looking to protect a structure you've owned for years, you can trust Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions to provide a real solution that will ensure the safety of your investment. Learn more about our extensive termite services by giving us a call or scheduling an appointment.

Termites in Hawaii never stop eating wood. Get termite protection that never stops preventing them from eating wood that belongs to you.  

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