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Termites Are A Year Round Problem In Hawaii

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termites in hawaii

When it comes to various pests that can bring trouble to Hawaii homes, one of the most threatening is the damage and destruction of termites. Both ground termites and drywood termites infest properties and homes on Oahu each year causing extensive structural damage and very costly repairs. These wood destroying insects rack up an estimated $5 billion in structural damages each year in the U.S. which means they are a pest to be on the lookout for.

Once a colony has been established, termites become a year round problem. With mild weather all year in Hawaii, the winter and summer seasons do not pose any threats to killing off termites so it is up to you to identify them and have them professionally exterminated. But often the most difficult part is identifying a colony before it is too late and the structural damage has been done. Termites work behind the scenes and it is likely that you will not see or hear anything until the problem is severe.

So to help worried homeowners learn whether or not they have termites infesting their home and property, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions provides thorough termite inspections for homes and businesses on Oahu including Pearl City and Honolulu. And if termites are present, there are many ways in which the experts in HI pest control can not only get rid of the existing infestation but help to prevent future infestations and thus further structural damages. Sandwich Isle’s termite services include:


Sentricon® Colony Elimination System


Tent fumigation

Homeguard Inspection and Borate Treatment Program

To learn more about the many effective Oahu termite treatments, simply contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today! Our friendly pest control experts will be happy to answer any questions regarding termites or other household pests and get you on your way to a termite free home and property.

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