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Termites In Hawaii Call For Effective Treatments

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Termite In Honolulu Home

If you have ever experienced a termite infestation then you understand just how devastating these pests can be to the structure of your home. Termites in Hawaii, including both ground termites and drywood termites are a serious threat to the soundness of wood structures. Their number one mission in life is to consume wood, which leaves us all in danger of repairing the costly damages that termites leave behind. In fact, these damages add up to about $5 billion each year in the U.S. Termites are not a pest you want to have around! Fast and effective termite control becomes a necessity and that is just what we provide at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

We offer a few different options of termite control in Honolulu including baiting systems and fumigations. And because these pests are so hard to find and eradicate, allow our trained pest professionals to determine the type of termites that you have and which treatment option will be most effective.

Treatments for ground termites

Sentricon® Colony Elimination System - A baiting system that is placed strategically around your property to kill existing termites and prevent future colonies from forming.

Termidor® - An undetectable chemical that gets rid of existing termites and prevents future colonies.

Treatments for drywood termites

Tent Fumigation - The home is covered in tarps and sealed while gas is released into the home that will penetrate deep into wood structures to kill drywood termites.

Whether you are dealing with ground termites or drywood termites, you can trust the HI pest control pros to safely and effectively get rid of termites in your home. We believe that with all pest infestations, prevention of the pests is key to maintaining a pest free home. To learn more about how you can prevent an infestation of termites in Honolulu or surrounding areas in Hawaii, please contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions to learn about our Premier Pest Protection, which protects your home not only from termites but several other common household pests.

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