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There are many different types of businesses in Hawaii from small Mom and Pop shops to large food processing facilities; you name it and Hawaii has it all. While every business is unique and different there is one thing that each business strives for and that is a good reputation within the community. One of the best things that you can do to maintain your business’s reputation is to make sure that you have a quality, professional pest control program in place to ensure that you have all of the pests that Hawaii can throw at you under control.

To help you maintain a great reputation for your business within the communities you serve, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has an industry leading commercial pest control program available that relies heavily on the principle of Integrated Pest Management.

What exactly is Integrated Pest Management you ask? Well, it is really very simple; Integrated Pest Management is a way to control pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment. By concentrating on regular inspections and monitoring, along with using targeted chemical applications, we are very successful at controlling pest populations.

One way that we alter the environment to control insects is through the use of an environmentally sound product that dissolves common grease, gunk, and junk that can collect in floor tiles and drains. If there is no build up of gunk and grease the insects that inhabit those areas will no longer be able to breed and feed and therefore won’t be able to survive. An easy, safe solutions to a common commercial pest issue. Problem solved!

Besides being so successful at treating and controlling common pests like insects and rodents, other reasons why you should choose Sandwich Isle for your commercial facilities pest control needs include:

  • We use handheld technology to record services and barcode areas that require the verification of inspection which helps to ensure that we are accurately meeting each of our customer's needs.

  • We offer a customer portal which allows easy access to service records, appointment dates, account information, and more.

  • When needed, we can help our clients to prepare for third party audits.

  • We are aptly staffed so that we can respond quickly to any of our clients and we are able to meet the unique needs of their businesses.

For more information about our commercial pest control program and how we can consistently and effectively work with you to safely keep pests out of your Hawaii business and help to keep your business’s good reputation intact, contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today!

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