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The Chicken Net Gun

In: Wildlife

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Feral chickens in Hawaii

Does this sound like something Batman would have on his utility belt? Well this little item is no joke. When it comes to battling feral chickens in Hawaii. This high-tech weapon may be the solution residents have been praying for.

One resident said, "Starting 10:30 at night they just start cackling and cackling and cackling. You wake up in the morning and your eyes have bags …" This is a problem.

Sleep is vital. Without proper sleep, cognitive functioning is reduced, judgment is impaired and reflexes are sluggish. Driving a car become more dangerous, depression becomes more common, and forgetfulness creeps in. Long periods of sleep disruption can even cause medical problems. Having noisy chickens in your yard is more than an irritation, it can be detrimental to your health and well-being.

A resident in Kauai said, "For the most part, Kauai's wild chickens add to the rural environment I enjoy. But I have to admit, I've seen roosters fighting over a dropped piece of pizza at the Costco food court. I've also watched a hungry chicken peck a toddler munching on a cracker at Hideaways Beach and I've seen a mother hen rush an unsuspecting tourist to protect her chicks." Many don't understand the problem feral chickens pose, especially tourists. When asked why the chicken problem is so bad in Hawaii, one woman responded with a laugh, "Because tourists feed them!"

Beyond this obvious issue, there are other dangers in having feral chickens running loose in Hawaii. They destroy vegetation, damage machinery, carry diseases, kill native Hawaiian birds, and leave crazy amounts of kukae moa (chicken poop) everywhere they go.

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we are always watching advancement in pest technologies so we can better protect our community and our families from the dangers of wildlife pests. Our specialists have been using high-tech cages and remote trapping mechanisms to humanely capture feral animals for years, and we're excited about the effectiveness of this new chicken net gun. This technology allows our trappers to capture and secure feral chickens much faster than baiting and trapping. For smaller infestations, these new guns provide a quicker and more economical solution.

Whether you need a quick answer to your problem or long term bird control, call the wildlife specialists at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. We have been offering effective, industry-leading bird solutions for years. The chicken net gun is just one more tool to help us protect you.

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