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The Chickens Are Coming

In: Wildlife

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feral chicken

The chickens are coming!  The chickens are coming!  This seems to be the cry that is being sounded throughout the Island of Kauai and other parts of Hawaii.  Feral chickens have become a serious problem that is currently increasing at alarming rates.  These wild chickens are not just crossing the road; they are invading parking lots, congregating in forests, and even coming out onto the beaches.  To make matters worse, they are finding ample food supply by eating from garbage cans and pet food dishes that are in the yard; and some tourists visiting our area are even feeding them scraps!

The Island of Kauai has unwillingly become home to thousands of wild chickens.  There is probably only one positive thing about their presence and that is the fact that these feral chickens eat many bugs and the venomous centipedes of Kauai.  While natives of Kauai like this, there is nothing else appealing to this increasing population explosion of wild chickens.  There are no natural predators to slow down the increase of feral chickens.

Feral chickens, at a glance, would appear to be a domestic chicken.  They sport a vibrant plumage and are quite similar to the ancient red jungle fowl that was introduced by the Polynesians.  However, most local residents will tell you that these wild feral chickens proliferated soon after Hurricane Iniki swept across Kauai in 1992.  As a result of this hurricane, hundreds of chicken coops were destroyed releasing untold numbers of domesticated hens as well as roosters that were being bred for cockfighting.  Today, thousands of these brilliantly plumed birds have taken over the Island crowing all hours of the day or night.

There are multiple problems as a result of feral chickens:

  • They disturb people with their continual crowing.
  • Feral chickens will carry diseases that can kill the beautiful native Hawaiian birds.
  • They leave unsightly, unsanitary piles of feces which can spread diseases that make people sick.  This accumulation of feces also increases the chances of people slipping and falling.
  • Drivers often have to swerve to avoid chickens in the roadway increasing the risk of accidents.

The removal or eliminating of feral chickens is not a task for the DIY individual.  The DIY methods often end up costing more money and are not at all effective.  The good news is that those who contact Sandwich Isle Pest Control will receive services from professional bird control technicians equipped with the proper tools and experience to effectively control and eliminate these wild fowl from your property. Give us a call today.  You will be glad you did.

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