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The Importance of Rodent Control

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mouse found in kitchen of a maui home

Your Maui home is somewhere that is supposed to be safe, secure and welcoming for you and your family. It is supposed to be the place that you come home to after a long day at work or play to rest and recoup. However, would you feel as safe, secure and welcome if you knew that there were one or even 30 tiny invaders living in your home, eating your food, crawling through your walls and using your personal belongings as their personal chew toys? I didn't think so. Unfortunately, that is what it would be like if rodents found their way into your home. The best way to prevent a rodent infestation from occurring in your Maui home is to partner with Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions and put into place a rodent control program!

Rodents are dangerous, dirty and annoying! First of all, they have no problem maintaining their front incisors by chewing on your home itself and the contents found within it. Rodents chew on and damage things like wires, pipes, drywall, flooring, insulation, clothing, furniture, pictures, books, boxes and basically anything else they can wrap their little incisors around! Along with chewing they are active at night and may keep you awake as you hear their running noises above the ceiling or behind the walls; really they make terrible houseguests!

Rodents do more than damage your property, though; they leave trails of urine and excrement as they travel around your home, contaminating food sources and food prep areas. They can also introduce a whole host of diseases including Salmonella, Leptospirosis, and Hantavirus which can all make you and your family very ill.

Mice and other rodents enter into homes through very small spaces, keeping them out is not as easy as you may think. At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we can help to evict your current unwanted guests and help to make changes around your home and property to help avoid future problems with rodents. Our rodent control services include an inspection to identify rodent breeding and living areas, elimination services, clean-up to get rid of the excrement that they have left behind, and rodent proofing services to prevention re-infestations.

Start protecting your Maui home and family from rodents today. They may be small, but the damages that they can cause are big! Contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions to speak with one of our professionals about our rodent control services. Our technicians are experienced, thorough, friendly, and provide safe and effective services to rid current population of rodents from your Maui home, along with helping to prevent new rodents from thinking that you are in need of small furry, dirty roommates!

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