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The Problem With Being A Tourist Destination

In: Bed Bugs

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tourist taking a picture in hawaii

Being one of the world's leading tourist destinations comes with its perks. Tourists from every corner of the globe come to Hawaii with money to spend, and that is great for our economy. It is also pretty sweet that when a new attraction opens up for tourists, we get to enjoy it too. That makes living in the Aloha State a lot of fun. But, all of that tourist activity has an unfortunate negative impact as well. One negative impact is bed bugs. Here's the problem.

Bed bugs are not attracted to filth. And having bed bugs is not an indication that a place is dirty, but that doesn't stop people from thinking this. If a hotel has bed bugs, it is almost as if it has some kind of plague. If a city has bed bugs, it must be dirty. But, the truth is, cities that have a lot of bed bug reports don't have bed bugs because they are filthy. They have them because they are a beautiful place to visit. If your head just tilted to the side and you're thinking, "What on Earth?" We understand. The connection isn't obvious.

Bed bugs do three primary things: They breed, they feed, and they spread. The way they spread is by hitchhiking on people. Most of the time, people who are carrying bed bugs don't even know they have them. These are really tiny insects. An immature nymph is only about 1 mm. That is really small!

Sometimes, it isn't even bugs that are being transported. Sometimes it is only eggs. Bed bugs leave their tiny white eggs in the seams of bags, luggage, and other transportable objects. If detecting these bugs is difficult when they are crawling around, think how difficult it is to detect them when they're in a tiny egg.

The more travelers a city gets, the greater the chance of bed bugs being brought in. That is why Honolulu has bed bugs. It is a great place to visit!

When traveling guests bring bed bugs in from outside the state, local residents bring them home when they have a romantic getaway, a honeymoon, or some much needed "local" rest and relaxation.

This is a unique pest issue that requires a unique approach to effectively combat it. The only solution is routine inspections by a certified pest professional, and an implementation of proactive protocols.

If you have questions or you would like to begin bed bug service for your home or business, reach out to us. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is an industry-leading pest control company with on-staff experts and a wide range of effective solutions for bed bugs and other pests.

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