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The Problem with Mongooses

In: Wildlife

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mongoose in hawaii

For more than a century, Hawaii has had a big problem on its hands. Actually, it is a little invader with a fierce reputation. What is causing so much turmoil in Hawaii? It’s the mongoose, and the problem with these creatures is growing by the year.

What Is A Mongoose?

A mongoose is a carnivore that has taken over many areas here in Hawaii. People often believe that mongooses are similar to weasels and ferrets, but that is not the case. Mongooses are a type of cat-like animal that eats meat. Its closest relative is a meerkat.

The mongoose is a social animal that lives in large packs of 6 to 40 mongooses. Together, the pack terrorizes other animals and neighborhoods. The mongoose is an invasive species that must be controlled on the Island.

How Do Mongooses Get To Hawaii?

Some invasive species take over after people release pets or visitors bring illegal animals to the area, but the mongoose’s reign began a little differently. Sugarcane growers intentionally released mongooses in Hawaii during the late 1880s. When rats began decimating the sugarcane crop, farmers imported mongooses and released them into their fields. However, there was a small problem with that approach. Mongooses are out during the day. Rats are active at night. Instead of eliminating their intended targets, mongooses began decimating native Hawaiian bird species.

Mongooses and Hawaiian Wildlife

Mongooses will wreak havoc on your property and on Hawaiian wildlife populations. Mongooses eat native birds, they devour nesting turtle eggs, and they destroy preserves and back yards. There are even videos online of mongooses attacking and killing snakes. Mongooses are dangerous to people, too, and rabies-infested mongooses will bite.

Mongooses caused $50 million in damages to residential and business properties across Hawaii. That is why it is important to call in the wildlife professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. We will complete a thorough investigation of your property to locate mongooses and get rid of them. The technician will either relocate the mongoose or trap it and deliver it to the Humane Society.

If you are tired of cleaning up after mongooses or if you just want to see more birds around, call Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today for your mongoose inspection.

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