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The Relationship Between Kids And Roaches In Hawaii

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Image of a Cockroach on Fruit

Being a kid in Hawaii means t-shirts, shorts, and rubber slippers. It means getting the best shaved ice in the world, and exploring every nook and cranny the islands have to offer. It means thinking spam makes a pretty good dish. And, it means trips to the beach every single day. But all of that fun and adventure can be very distracting for a kid, and distraction can cause a domino effect when it comes to kids and cockroaches.

A busy kid is a kid that doesn't have time to clean his room, and a dirty cluttered room is attractive to a cockroach. A kid that comes home from school and is quickly out the door to run down to the beach, is a kid who leaves a plate of crumbs on the table, or a glob of mayonnaise on the counter. Kids find a nice tasty fruit from a tree and then leave it half eaten on the front steps or in a corner of the house. They spill food on their shirt or pants and crumple those items up and leave them on the floor. All of these are like ringing the dinner bell for cockroaches. Even if your home is sealed tight and has a chemical barrier to keep cockroaches out, these scents will draw cockroaches into your home.

When cockroaches get into your home, they have an effect on your kids. This is an insect that climbs around in garbage bins, sewage pipes, and then crawl into your cabinets and drawers. This bacteria can produce stomach flu symptoms, like vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, fever, and aching muscles. If your child has stayed home from school more than 3 times, and you know there are cockroaches living in your house, it is time to take action.

Are your kids complaining about having trouble breathing? Have you taken them to the doctor for asthma related issues? Cockroaches can cause children to have allergic asthmatic reactions by leaving their shed skins in air ducts or on furniture.

Cockroaches are also known carriers of human spread pathogens. That doesn't mean all cockroaches carry horrible diseases, but when you have roaches in your house, you're playing a lottery.

You should never have cockroaches in your Hawaii home when it is possible to keep them out. Have a pest professional seal your walls, eradicate any roaches living in your home, and outline a pest plan and exclusion options. Don't let mysterious cockroach related illness keep your kids from experiencing all the amazing adventure this state has to offer. Get your home protected, starting today.

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