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The Truth About Centipedes

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centipede in basement

The Hawaiian Islands have been blessed with a good number of things that are appealing to those who have grown up here as well as the thousands of tourists who visit us each year. Pristine beaches, the blue of the ocean, the tropical climate, and the beautiful vegetation everywhere you look are all things that draw people to our beautiful, tropical paradise. Locals and visitors are not the only ones who love the weather here, however. Hawaii is full of woodland creatures who call this place home as well as many kinds of pests who never take a day off from trying to make their way into homes all over the islands.
Some of these pests are considered to be something that could have come right out of people’s nightmares. The centipede is a common insect in Hawaii, but running into one can still send shivers down a spine. They are unmistakable with their flattened bodies and multiple sets of legs which can quickly carry them from place to place. These nocturnal creatures tend to spend their days hiding out under rocks, dead logs, and other areas where it is both damp and dark. They make their way out when the sun goes down to hunt. As much as we would love for the centipede to be found outside only, in truth, many homes around Hawaii have them living in their basements, closets, or other cool, dark places where they prey on other household pests. Even though that is the case, centipedes are not something that you want hanging around your house. While they are out and about at night looking for bugs like cockroaches, spiders, or even bed bugs, they find their way into places you do not want to meet up with them, like your bed.

One of the most common questions asked is, “Are centipedes poisonous?” The short answer is yes. Centipedes use fangs located on the back of their head to kill their prey. They are very aggressive and quick. Centipede bites are a common complaint among locals. The bite feels a bit like a bee sting with intense, localized pain; but if you have any kind of an allergy to bites or stings. it can be very dangerous. Medical help is encouraged in that case.
If you find that you have centipedes in your home, there is a good chance that you have other unwelcome pests as well. It is time to give Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions a call. Our professional technicians will quickly be on their way to assess your home for centipedes and other pests that might be hiding there. We will work with you to decide the most effective way to get rid of the pests that are there, and we will go over ways to keep them from coming back. One call can save you weeks of worrying and trying ineffective ways to get rid of them yourself. Give us a call today.

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