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Think You Have Bed Bugs?

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Bed Bug Dog Smelling Out Bed Bugs Inside Mattress

Have you been seeing little brown splotches on your bedding, or been waking up in the morning and noticing little red bites on your skin? If you have, it is very possible that you have a bed bug infestation.  These little blood sucking insects are excellent hiders; you may not ever see them, but they find you while you’re sleeping, sneakily bite you and then return to their hiding places inside picture frames, behind wall outlets and even along carpeting seams. Because they are so good at hiding, many pest control companies have learned that manual bed bug inspections by trained technicians are not always enough to track these pests down. Here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we have turned to the amazing talents of trained bed bug dogs to help us sniff out bed bugs for our customers and have found this form of bed bug detection to be a superior way of locating any and all live bed bugs and their eggs. 

Efficient And Accurate Inspections 

When we bring our canine team to your home or business, they will quickly and accurately determine whether bed bugs are present.  They can find as few as one single bed bug (or egg!) in your property and they can let you know if your property is free of bed bugs too! Our bed bug detecting dogs are over 97% effective in finding bed bugs! This is incredibly high, considering a human’s inspection ability is only 30% and that’s on our best day! Humans also need to tear a room apart to look for bed bugs, while a dog uses only it’s keen sense of smell to find all bed bugs, even those hiding in places they cannot see (like inside walls!).  

Certified By NESDCA And Still Learning, Every Day! 

Our Hawaii bed bug dog teams have been certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) and become recertified every year. This organization exists only to certify that K9 scent detecting teams are on track and working as they claim to work. We also train our dogs every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year because our dogs stay with our K9 department manager.  They are learning every day, which means they get better at their job! 

Bed Bug Solutions For Your Hawaii Home Or Business 

Once our bed bug dogs have detected a bed bug problem, that’s when we get down to business! Our bed bug control in Honolulu, all of Oahu and Big Island are the ideal way to get rid of bed bugs and depending on your situation and type of environment (i.e. residential or commercial) may include bed bug heat treatments, bed bug monitoring and bed bug education seminars for employees. 

Let Scout and Ally (our amazing K9 Scent Detecting dogs!) locate your bed bug infestation and then let our trained HI bed bug exterminators take care of getting rid of the pests! If you have bed bugs in Honolulu or elsewhere in our service area, find out how Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can help by contacting us today!


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