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Tips to Avoid Ants in Hawaii

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Ants. If you live in Hawaii, you are well acquainted with them. Sometimes it seems like our little islands have more than their fair share of insects; but when you have a year-round tropical climate, it is bound to be one of the drawbacks to the flip flop lifestyle. Ants, just like other insects in Hawaii, have no reason to hide for the winter so they continue to lay eggs and build nests in every season.

Ants are an ever-increasing problem for homeowners all over the islands. Hawaii is home to several species, from ones that are just a nuisance to ones that can inflict painful stings if disturbed. There are a few things that homeowners can do to help control the ant population on their property and to keep them out of their homes.

It is a good idea to make sure that all of the screens fit tightly and are in good repair around your windows. Make sure any locations where pipes enter your home are caulked as well. Take care to keep an eye on your foundation for any cracks that might appear so they can be repaired right away. Ants need very little space to find their way in, so do not make it easy.

Your kitchen is a great ant attractor. Food that gets left out, spills not cleaned up right away, and dishes that can wait until tomorrow to be washed are all things that spell dinner to an ant. If they can regularly get that kind of an easy meal to bring back to a nest, they will surely move in. Check your pantry and make sure that open staples are stored in airtight containers and that any flour, sugar, or dried fruits, which can easily spill in the cupboard, are cleaned up regularly. Trash and pet foods should be cleaned up and disposed of as well.

Outside, it is best to keep gardens and bushes trimmed back away from your house. Trees should also be prevented from hanging too close to your siding or roof. These are highways for ants and other pests as well. Keeping your lawn trimmed can help out too, and do not let debris piles linger too long near your house as this just gives them a new place to hide under.

These tips are great ways to keep ants from being attracted to your property, but they are not a foolproof deterrent. If you really want to make sure that ants and other pests will move on, give Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions a call. Our well-trained staff is on call to talk to you about one of our year-round pest protection plans that offer bi-monthly service, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can work with homes and businesses of any size to protect them from various pest infestations, including ants.

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