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Tips To Keep Norway Rats Out Of Your Home

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norway rat near hawaii home

Norway rats are an invading species that can get inside your home in Hawaii. Believe us, you don’t want these rats roaming around wreaking havoc in your living space. Most people will shriek with fear or shudder to think there are rats nearby. Not only are they scary looking, but they are also dangerous to your health and they are known to do a lot of damage to homes and other buildings.

These furry rodents will forage for food in your kitchen and pantry, contaminating your food sources. Even packaged foods are not safe; these rats will rip and tear into food items, to consume the contents within. And, since they are not potty trained, they will leave behind urine and feces in and around the food, this can transfer dangerous diseases to you and your family. The most common illness left by rodents is Salmonella.

Norway rats can gnaw away at building foundations and beams, weakening it to the point of collapse. They may also chew on electrical wires or pipes, causing fire or water damage. Not many items are safe from the constant chewing of these rats. They will chew up insulation, walls, and floors as they burrow to nest in walls and attics. It is in these nests that they will reproduce and raise their young, creating a larger population of rats to deal with.

In order to prevent an infestation of Norway rats, you can follow these tips to make your home and yard unattractive to them:

  • Keep wood piles stored away from your home
  • Remove debris, junk and wood piles from your yard
  • Seal holes in your foundation or home that create entry points
  • Eliminate moisture from basements and crawl spaces
  • Inspect your home for signs of a current infestation
  • Look for droppings, gnaw marks, greasy rub marks and damaged goods
  • Listen for the sound of small animals roaming through walls and ceilings

In the end, if you think you have a problem with Norway rats in your home in Hawaii, the best solution is to call on Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Never try to remove rats on your own, they can be aggressive and could cause you bodily harm. We have the knowledge and tools to protect your home and family from being invaded by Norway rats and keep them away throughout the year. At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we are ready to help you in Honolulu, Oahu, and parts of Big Island. Our wildlife division will use humane animal trapping whenever possible and offer exclusion products that blend in with Hawaii’s natural environment. Not only that, we can help you prevent the spread of disease from rats and other pests that might invade your home and you won’t be kept awake at night from the sounds of them scurrying and scratching in the walls and ceilings. Give us a call today, at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

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