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Top 5 Most Effective Ways to Control Pest Birds

In: Bird Control

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building with bird control spikes

When birds get into places they shouldn't be, they can cause all kinds of problems. Their droppings can cause damage to property, create a slipping hazard, and spread illness. This can contaminate food storage and outdoor dining areas. Birds can also get into machinery and damage homes and businesses. There is a long list of reasons to keep birds out of places they shouldn't be, but the focus of today's article will be on the most effect way to do it.

  1. Bird spikes. This bird control product can be seen on ledges, rooflines, rafters, roof peaks, signs, and more. Bird spikes are a great way to let birds know they are not welcome. When installed properly, this exclusion is visually threatening to birds and will work to deter them from landing or roosting. The spikes don't poke the birds or hurt them in any way.

  2. Bird netting. This product can be implemented in a wide range of ways. It can be used to protect crops, keep birds off machinery, block them from entering outdoor food courts and food staging areas, and block them from getting into nooks to roost. When this product is installed by an experienced professional, it can be done in a way that makes the netting feel as if it is part of the architecture of a building. In some cases, bird netting can seem almost invisible from a distance; but those birds will see it, and keep away.

  3. Shock tracks. If you have an area you want to be protected from roosting or perching birds but don't want spikes, shock tracks are a good alternative. These electrically charged tracks will give birds an uncomfortable nudge to hang out somewhere else, much in the way an electric fence will keep animals from escaping a closed pen.

  4. Solar panel exclusion. The space underneath solar panels can be the perfect harborage for birds, and this can lead to damaged arrays and costly cleanup. Solar panel exclusions create a physical barrier with a deterrent mesh that keeps birds from utilizing this space.

  5. Humane trapping. Some birds just don't take the hint. If you have that one special bird, that seems to keep finding new and inventive ways to outsmart your bird control efforts, humane trapping is an effective solution. Trapping is also the best option when you have birds that pass through your property like ducks, peacocks, and feral chicken.

We have a lot of birds in Hawaii. Don't let them become a problem. Give those birds a gentle nudge in the right direction with effective bird control solutions from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

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