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Top Ant Prevention Tips In Honolulu

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ants inside a honolulu home

Ants in the home are problems for Hawaii property owners throughout the year. Although ants are not native to Hawaii, we have quite a few species that plague our homes and businesses. Ants in Hawaii include the long-legged ant, the Argentine ant, the big-headed ant, the Hawaiian carpenter ant, the crazy ant, the pharaoh ant and the tiny yellow ant among others. Have you been seeing ants in your home? Here are some helpful ant prevention tips from the Honolulu pest control professionals at Sandwich Isle to reduce your ant problems this spring.

  1. Clean, clean and clean some more! Ants are attracted to crumbs on the counter, spills on the floor and anything interesting they can find behind the fridge! Keep the kitchen as clean as possible, making sure to pay close attention to the areas around appliances.

  2. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. Sure, it can be tempting to head straight to bed after making a big meal and just leave the dishes to soak overnight, but this is a surefire way to attract ants to your kitchen.

  3. Pet food on the floor or even outdoors can attract ants. Make sure that you pick up pet food whenever your pet is finished eating and store opened bags of pet food in airtight containers.

  4. Don’t leave food out on your counters or unprotected in your cupboards. If you are like most people, you buy sugar, flour and other baking items that come in paper bag containers. These containers are easily penetrated by hungry ants, so we suggest putting these food goods in heavy duty plastic or glass containers with tight fitting lids.

  5. Cut back tree branches from the roof and don’t allow vegetation to touch the side of your home. If possible, an 18 inch barrier around your home made of crushed rock or gravel can help cut down on ant infestations.

  6. Make sure that your home stays relatively dry. Moist or damp environments can attract ants and offer them a favorable living environment. Keep your home dry by using a dehumidifier whenever possible and checking for leaky or dripping pipes.

When you follow these ant prevention tips for your Honolulu home, you can help reduce the number of ants you see on a regular basis. Unfortunately, these prevention measures may not entirely eliminate the problem, which is why the best way to get rid of ants is to contact a Hawaii pest control professional. At Sandwich Isle, our experienced professionals can do more than just reduce the number of ants you see within your home. Our pros can help eliminate the entire ant colony! We know how to get rid of ants and can help you keep them from returning as well. Having ants in your home can be frustrating and stressful; don’t let the ants get you down! For more information on ant control services available from Sandwich Isle, please contact us today.



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