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Top Five Signs Termites Leave Behind

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mud tubes created by termites

Just because termites don’t appear to be around any longer, it doesn’t mean they are gone. Termites in Hawaii are like the bad house guests that overstay their welcome. Some states get a reprieve from the house-eating pests, but not Hawaii. Hawaii’s climate is perfect for termites, and it allows them to be active all year long. So, while you may think they are gone, termites are still hiding away in your walls and under your floor. Here are the top five signs that tell you when termites have moved in.

  1. Swollen or bulging floors - If you have termites, you can see it in your floors. Swollen or bulging floors are a sign of subterranean termite invasions. Termites that dig and dwell underground loosen the dirt. When it accumulates, it pushes against the floor which causes the swelling. We are not talking a handful of termites. Subterranean termites build elaborate tunnels and mazes under the foundation of your home, in numbers in the hundreds or thousands.

  2. They leave their wings all over the place - Just like unwanted guests that leave their stuff all over the place, termites will discard their wings on window sills, around doors, and near other access points around your home. This happens when they leave their colony, which is hiding nearby, to start another colony. The bad news about the new colony is that they may not be too far from the existing one.

  3. Wood damage around the home - Sometimes you will see wood damage and sometimes you won’t. The wood that has been chewed through is easy to spot if it is part of an exterior structure. You will notice wood shavings below and long grooves along damaged wood. The bad news is most wood damage in your home caused by termites can’t be seen. Only professionals can find evidence of interior and hidden wood damage.

  4. Tunnels lead into your home - Termites will build mud tubes from the outside of your home that lead into your home or your shed. Wherever there is an accessible food source – like your home – termites will use mud tubes to gain access. If you destroy a mud tunnel, don’t think termites are gone for good. As long as they are staying, they will build a new one.

  5. Termite feces start piling up - Termites leave their droppings around your home, especially near access points. Termite droppings are small brown pellets.

If you don’t see these signs, don’t assume you are in the clear. Termites like to hide, and your walls are the perfect place to grow, start a family, and eat undisturbed. To control termites, you have a few options, but only professionals can get rid of termites for good. To prevent a termite infestation, get to work with these tips:

  • Seal cracks and crevices in the foundation and around your home

  • Remove mulch from near your home

  • Clean your drains and inspect them often

  • Install vents and screens

  • Do not store firewood near your home

  • Dump debris piles away from your property

  • Call termite experts

Termites can cause irreparable damage to your home, shed, or business. The worst part is that your insurance company may not cover damage caused by termites. The best solution to save money and to save your home is to prevent termites altogether. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can help. Our termite experts know how to spot an infestation, eliminate it, and set up safe, effective baiting stations that will monitor for termite activity year-round in order to prevent future problems with termites. One quick phone call to Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can do all this and more. Our experts will be happy to discuss the details and set up your termite inspection.

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