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Treatment Center for Coffee Berry Borer in Hawaii

In: Commercial Pest Control

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illustration of coffee borer beetle

Coffee prices here on the Hawaiian Islands have bounced around a lot since 2010. The culprit at the core of this issue is the coffee berry borer beetle. The coffee berry borer beetle has been causing issues for coffee farms here in Hawaii since 2010. Unfortunately, these beetles are now found worldwide and are a small and destructive pest that can quickly ruin a large amount of coffee in a short amount of time.  
Coffee is an important part of Hawaii’s agriculture. The tropical environment and rich volcanic soil give the ideal location to grow some of the world’s finest coffees. Hawaii’s coffee production only makes up for about .04% of the total world production, but since 2010 production has decreased by over 20%, each year due to issues with the coffee borer beetle. 20% is a huge amount of revenue for a small coffee farm, which is what the majority of the coffee farms are here in Hawaii.  
The coffee berry borer beetle is a small beetle that bores into coffee berries to lay its eggs. The eggs hatch and the larva eat the coffee seed from the inside out, essentially ruining the berry. As they eat their way out and become adults, they will continue this cycle of boring into coffee berries and laying their eggs and essentially ruining a coffee crop.
Here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we are proud to say that we have a facility that has been designed to target the coffee berry borer that is a quarantine compliant solution. Our treatment center is located at 74-5039 Queen Kaahumanu Highway, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Here at our quarantine fumigation services facility, we have a fumigation chamber that provides quarantine fumigation with Profume gas.  
With a fumigation treatment you can expect our fumigation specialists to:

  • Inspect the contents of the chamber.

  • Seal the chamber.

  • Calculate the correct dosage.

  • Apply the necessary fumigation to eliminate all life stages of the coffee berry borer beetle.

If you have had just about enough of these destructive pests, it’s time to give the experts here at Sandwich Isle a call. Our fumigations are scheduled for Tuesdays, and reservations must be complete on or before 4:00 p.m. on the prior Friday. Our fees are charged according to the number of bags scheduled for fumigation. Stop letting this little beetle eat away at your profits; contact us today!

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